Mike Kirby


  • Name: Mike Kirby
  • Current town:  Alexandria
  • Current CX bike: Fuji
  • Favorite cross pro: Lars van der Haar
  • Favorite Race Conditions (mud, dry, technical, “grass crit”):  “grass crit”.  Lets me utilize road fitness.
  • Have you done CX before: Yes.  1 year
  • Biggest goal for 2014 CX season: Do well enough to get first or second row start positions
  • Favorite post-race beverage:  ANything that will stay down
  • Should hand-ups be allowed:  Salty food only.  No fluids.
  • Clinchers, tubulars or tubeless?  Tubular
  • Canti or disc brakes?  Canti
  • Craziest CX race you have ever seen or raced:  Nothing too crazy yet.  Hopefully that changes in 2014.